I am a digital artist with a specialization in 3D game art. I love what i do and will always seek projects that require my skill set. I am always looking to expand myself through my career and personal work. I love an environment that invites my enthusiasm and vigor when it comes to the construction of a greater endeavor. 

Those who know me know if i'm not at work, i'm at home with my head in a personal project. It's in that mentality that i'm free to challenge myself and push my abilities to new levels of quality.

Aside from 3D modeling and Sculpting, my biggest hobbies are sketching and Papercraft. I also love photography. Building faces, architecture and skylines being my latest craze!

My History

I first entered the Industry back in '05 working for Griptonite games in Seattle. There i worked on handheld titles (Nintendo GBA, DS, 3DS) where i learned the trade of Low Poly modeling and hand painted textures.
I Learned the basics of rigging in Maya, an ability i became very accustom to in my 5 year tenure at the company and soon fell into a rhythm of a typical 3D Character Artist modeling/texturing/rigging/weighting.
I dabbled in Environment & Prop modeling as well as animating.

In my free time i would take part in many game art contests on forums such as CGchat Polycount and GameArtisans where i could fine tune my industry skill set more and more; learning to sculpt in zbrush, generate normal maps, lighting & rendering scenes using MentalRay or in other 3rd party applications like Marmoset Toolbag.

In 2011 I moved to San Francisco to take a job as a 3D Artist where I put my skillset to use, generating pre-rendered 2D assets from 3D models.
My job on the project was to model, texture,(rig and pose if necessary), light and render Units, Structures, and Turrets in a style that was both appealing yet ideal to the preexisting artwork.
After a year or so i moved on to take part in R&D work, exploring viable art styles and methods of execution for the mobile platform.

I dedicated much of my spare time to exploring my goal to create and distribute a DIY Papercraft character line called The Swugs. I introduced the line with great success at Emerald City comic con as well as APE Con. My goal is to take it commercial in the future years to come.

Ive spent the last couple years bouncing between freelance and contracts before returning to Seattle to create game art for a small start up company. Today I am looking for a workplace to call home in 2016, where i can work with some awesome people and put my abilities to good use!