Character Artist | 3D Modeler

I am a 3D Character Artist with 14 Years of experience in the Games Industry, having modeled, textured, rigged & weighted
Characters in a variety of styles. My expertise has taken me outside of my realm and into a variety of roles, from World &
Environment Art to Animation, allowing me to adapt to many forms of 3D development while still maintaining
a specialty. Due to this, I am able to offer a wide range of abilities when it comes to providing 3D content.

Art Institute of Seattle:
2002-2004 - Animation Arts and Design                                 

                Runic Games     Character Artist- 2016
Provided content support mainly for the Character Art & Animation department, while occasionally assisting the Environment Art
department. Assisted in meeting content delivery dates and hastening overall Launch date. Maintained the pre-existing style and quality
while providing an all around timely sense of asset delivery.

                Blue Wizard Digital     Chief 3D Artist (Freelance) - 2015
Developed 3D content for a Sci-fi genre game to be launched on Steam. Worked closely with Concept and Design in a small team
environment to build game ready content, while adhering to the understanding of future design iteration. Developed time frames
& workflows appropriate to a Start-Up budget, while mitigating quality degradation. Provided key insight in the Vis/Dev process.
                Kabam Inc.       Character Artist - 2014
3D modeled, textured, rigged & weighted Armor Sets, Characters & Creatures for a Fantasy Action RPG to be launched on mobile devices.
Worked closely with Art Director, Concept Art, Animation & Technical Art Departments to develop character art that matched both style
guide and inter-departmental specifications.

                Natural Motion Games        3D Artist (Freelance) - 2013
Developed 3D content for a Period Era Proof-of-Concept. Implemented relevant industry skills to generate weapons and environment art
that both reflected the Period & satisfied that Art Director's standard. Optimized assets to be presentable to potential investors as well as
game ready.
                Kabam Inc.       3D Artist - 2011-2013
3D modeled units, turrets, and structures while helping to redefine and iterate on the existing style. Primarily responsible for taking  
concept art to a game-ready state while providing a consistent look. Strengthened industry relevant skill sets: modeling, rigging,
scene lighting, basic animation, rendering & optimizing sprite sheets. Refined pipeline techniques to expedite turn-around time frames
in regards to asset production.

                Griptonite Games        Character Artist - 2005-2010
Cultivated skills as a Character Artist in a variety of handheld devices. Developed a strong understanding of high speed pipelines,
and competitively short dev. cycles. Formed an understanding of visual prototyping. Cultivated versatile Concept methods. sharpened
and honed a keen work ethic and production method.

        -3D Modeling (organic & hard surface in both low & high poly realms)
       -Game Art Texturing (hand painted, normal mapping & photo-sourcing)
        -Rigging (Ik/Fk rigs built mainly for handheld and mobile devices)
        -Animation & Blend-shapes              -Sculpting & Poly-Painting   
      -Concept & Illustration                      -Lighting & Rendering
                              -Design, Layout & Presentation

        -Maya                         -PhotoShop                -ZBrush          
      -Quixel Suite               -Headus UVLayout                
                        -Marmoset                 -Unity